Thus and at children

Thus and at children According to G.


Sumchenko, these types of mistakes meet at children irrespective of existence at them speech violations.

However children with shortcomings of the speech make it is already more than such mistakes at the elementary sound alphabetic level.

Thus and at children with speech violations of an error of reading often do not correspond to the violations of a sound pronunciation which are available for them.

Some researchers allocate mixtures of the letters designating the consonants similar in a place or a way of education.

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What it is possible

What it is possible At the beginning of game the teacher gives a description sample, purposely lowering one of signs to give the chance komunibud from children to add.

For example: Here a firtree, it has green needles, it grows in the wood.

What it is possible to tell about a firtree?

Correctly, on it cones grow.

During the description of toys children, in case of difficulty, the teacher helps: What it is possible to tell about a bear still?

From what it is sewed?

What color?

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And still

And still When Dasha was one and a half years old, I returned for work.

Simply I there very strongly was waited therefore I, having used a situation, tactlessly laid down the conditions: I will come three days in a week, but to receive a full salary.

Also it was pleasantly surprised when this impudent ultimatum was accepted.

And still say that irreplaceable people do not happen!

New life began to whirl me.

I was madly happy.

My new schedule continuous sanatorium!

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All results

All results To parents one condition was set: from the house it was allowed to bring only fruit and vegetables for preparation of fresh juice.

The kid received the divorced juice we in addition did not appoint any enzymes to food, ate our porridges, walked, slept, i.


led a usual life.

In two weeks he with delight ate greedily our hospital food.

All results of inspection showed: the child is healthy.

He is simply overfed, does not know feeling of hunger.

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However Sammerkhill the younger from to years can work as Blacks, stirring cement, bringing on carts sand or clearing old bricks without thinking of remuneration at all.

They identify themselves with adults, and such work for them as a dream embodiment.

However years with or and up to desire to do boring manual work is absent absolutely.

It is fair for most of children though happen, of course, and such which show diligence in the earliest childhood and keep it throughout all life.

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